About Ordering

STEP1:Search for goods

1.Search product
Enter the product name or keyword in the search box on the site to search.

2.Search by category
From the category list on the left side of the page, you can find the products you want to buy by type.

3.Click on the product image hyperlink
You can also find out the product details you want by clicking on the images of popular rankings or related products.

STEP2:Add product to cart

1.After selecting the products, you can customize sex doll's skin color, pupil color, standing function, whether to plant hair and other personalized needs according to your personal preferences.

2.Click the "Add to Cart" button

STEP3:Confirm product information in the shopping cart

1.Confirm the purchase quantity
2.Use coupons
3.Click the "Checkout" button

STEP4:Confirm personal information and order content/select payment method

A:Enter your shipping address and contact information and confirm
if the email address is wrong, we cannot contact you normally, so please confirm again and again.(If you cannot receive our email, please add [email protected] to the list in your email Settings and try again.).

1:The shop supports the following three payment methods
①Bank transfer
②Credit card payment

2:After confirming the order content, please click the "Confirm Order" button.

STEP5:The order is completed

We will send you an email that you have successfully placed the order to your mailbox, please check it