About ELFDoll

①Love doll's material

The TPE doll has a human-like appearance like a silicon doll, but the price is about half that of the silicon doll. The reason why the price is low is that the cost of raw materials is low and the manufacturing process is simple, so the price naturally drops.However, compared with silicone, it is lighter and softer. In other words, cheaper prices do not mean inferior materials.

TPE materials are thermoplastic elastomers. This material is more advanced than silicon. Silicone is the mainstream of love doll. Elastomers are a type of silicone material, but require further processing. It is softer than silicone and feels more like human skin. As you can see from the picture, we use it to achieve a more realistic breast in a way that silicone cannot be achieved. Compared with the price, it is a higher-grade material than silicon. The soft and plump breasts belong to you to feel free to touch.

②Physical activity area

④With oral sex function

Oral sex is possible with all types of love dolls.Since it is an elastic material, you can feel it adhering to local areas.You can fully enjoy your favorite female oral sex. We recommend that you use a large number of commercially available lubricants which can reduces the sex friction and make insertion more easier. Due to there is no human-like jaw bone, the size of the insert is limited, it can be inserted for common Japanese sizes without any problems. Moreover, she has no teeth, so it hardly feels pain.You can fully enjoy the tightness that is slightly different from the vagina.

⑤High quality but low price

The Elf doll is amazing here, and I have pay attention to four items: TPE material, love doll movable area, movable eye, and oral function, but there are many other attractions. With all this, honestly, this price cannot be produced by any manufacturer. “Love dolls are expensive, but I can't afford it.” I think many people have this kind of trouble. To realize your desire, our shop set a affordable price. Therefore, we also get a lot of fun from our customers when they feel satisfaction with our dolls. Do you want to touch "love doll" at home? You will be satisfied from the bottom of your heart.