Visit Doll Factory:

 Let's visit the sexdoll factory ! These are videos and photos about making sexdoll. There are many body parts in factory. You could choose the Doll's Height(148cm-165cm) and bust(large/standard) according to your preference.

 One of the characteristics of ELFDOLL is that it is very realistic.From placing an order to completing it will take about one week 'cause of all sexdolls are order-made. Our goal is to produce realistic sexdolls that are infinitely close to human beings.

 Large bust style is more popular. But some customers who like photography prefer to choose standard bust style. Because it's more suitable for kinds of fashion clothes.

 We produce TPE sexdolls that are close to human beings for bachelor. we also think it's helpful to solve sense of loneliness for bachelor or the old.

Make-up and design

Mold making

Start assembly of finished products