What kinds of products sold in ELFDOLL?

TPE sexdoll,half boby…

●TPE sexdoll

①Cost performance is better than silicone sexdoll.
②TPE material is softer.
③And has better ductility. (It makes Doll's joint be more flexible)
④Head parts and make-up can be more various.
⑤Body parts can also be more various.(100cm-165cm)

●Half boby

Half boby:The sexdoll is assembly of two parts----Head parts and body parts can be separated.They are connected by screws.

All-in-one sexdoll:as the name suggests,the doll's head parts and body parts cannot be separated. Therefore it's possible to make the doll no any line mark from head to toe.And it's impossible that the doll's head becomes crooked even in playing time.

The Sexdoll's Size: Oral Depth is about 13cm Vaginal Depth is about 18cm Anal Depth is about 16cm

Characteristics of ELFDOLL

①If you wanna buy something that is not such different with online picture. Just come here. Our store is always based on honesty.

②Our store adopts original TPE materials,it makes doll's skin to be softer than normal sexdoll. Customers can also customize their sexdoll according to their own preferences.

③The sexdoll has slim legs and beautiful face. Soft skin are very close to human beings’ skin. TPE body and metal frame are safe & odorless. And the doll's joints are flexible and firm,Whether it's backward entry mode or riding mode, it can meet the needs of your various modes.

④If you need to add special functions, please indicate in the order email. We will deal with your order as soon as possible,it might take 5-7 days to deliver to your house.

⑤We advise customer to take an unboxing video when the packages arrived.And it can be used as evidence for safeguarding rights.

※The price of all products has included consumption tax and free shipping.