What products do ELFDOLL sell?

TPE sex doll,Torses…

●TPE sexdoll

①The cost performance is very high (because TPE is cheaper than silicon).
②The material is softer.
③Joints are more flexible (because TPE is more ductile than silicon).
④A variety of heads of dolls are available.
⑤A variety of height of doll are available. (142 ~ 165cm).


Torses:Our sex doll is made up of two parts, the body and the head are connected by twisting screws. Be sure to twist the screws positively and be aligned to the screw hole to prevent damage to the connecting screws.

All-in-one sexdoll:as the name suggests,the doll's head parts and body parts cannot be separated. Therefore it's possible to make the doll no any line mark from head to toe.And it's impossible that the doll's head becomes crooked even in playing time.

Doll properties: oral sex function: mouth depth approximately 13cm. Intercourse: vaginal depth approximately 18cm. Anal sex function: anal depth approximately 16cm.

The character of the ELFDOLL

①The online shop where the product and the picture are absolutely identical is here! The sex dolls sold in this shop are absolutely authentic. Known by customers as "a trusted sex doll store"

②The sex doll made of TPE material developed exclusively by our shop is soft, durable and does not produce oil. Customers can choose sex doll's height, bust, pubic hair, head,and body of the doll according to their preferences.

③Our dolls have slender legs, beautiful appearance, strong metal frame, safe TPE material, soft skin is as real as human skin.The quality of our store is consistent with the picture and text description, please feel free to use.The doll's joints are movable but not easily deformed and can pose in a variety of ways, such as regular style,riding style, which can meet your needs in a variety of body positions.

④If you have personalized customization needs, please contact us by email.Delivery usually takes 5-7 days.Promise to be delivered confidentially.

⑤It is recommended to record an unpacking video when receiving the goods. If there is any problem with the product quality, please contact us in time.

※The price of all goods in our store includes consumption tax and free delivery.