Ⅰ、Instructions of Love doll

    Although the price of love doll is very expensive, but it can be used for a long time, we explain how to use and maintain her in here. Love doll will become a partner you can control and satisfy your sexual desire, please rest assured to buy.

    After you receive the love doll, you will enjoy a lot of fun. You can manipulate love doll freely in many ways. Moreover,If you use and maintain it properly, you can keep it clean for a long time to extend its service life.

    Her price is very expensive, you should take good care of it just like your lover.If you want to masturbate by replaced vagina, then you can take it out from the vagina according to your needs. Love doll also have oral sex function.

    You can play with her in any gesture and anywhere you want. Love doll can be used according to your needs, or you can simulate anything according to your imagination.

Ⅱ、Maintenance of Love doll

①Treatment after use

    After use, in order to keep the doll's skin clean and reduce damage, you need to wipe off dirt and apply baby powder and let her sit on a chair or lie on the bed. Although this is troublesome, you need to do this in order to use it for a long time

    If the love doll is placed uprightly, it may deform.

    Some love doll’s vagina can not be replaced which makes it trouble to clean after sexing with this type of love doll so that you need to clean it by bring whole item in the shower room, thus we recommend that you buy the love doll with replaceable vagina.

②The treatment of love doll

    Love doll's surface may be sticky, so it is a good idea to use baby powder for love doll in life. If the love doll naked, it is easy to stick to dust when used because of its material tending to stick to dust. Therefore, when you are not using love doll, you should dress it in cotton clothes such as pajamas, so wear socks for the same reason.

③Install the replaceable vagina

    There are some considerations for using love dolls with replaceable vagina. When you install the replaceable vagina to the doll's private parts, pay attention to not installing it into the gap between the vagina and the body.

    The vagina is made of silicone and is very soft, even so, the doll has a steel skeleton, which you should be careful to insert to avoid pain.

④Maintenance of Love doll

    How often should you apply powder? There is no clear standard.Generally speaking, you just need to use it where it looks a bit shiny.Some people use powder once a week, others every six months. Because love doll will seepage oil after a bath, you'd better use powder.

⑤⑦TPE love doll storage

    If there's a hook, it's hanging, or it can also be placed in the storage bin in the most natural position. No manufacturer recommends sitting her down, which can cause wrinkles on the inside of her thighs and cause her hips to collapse and never recover.