Delivery Area

Only delivery within Japan, excluding delivery abroad.

About delivery time

It will take about 15-30 days after placing the order and completing the payment (it may be different for different dolls).The process is as follows:

1.Enter your customer information on the order and click the “confirm order” button.
2.Please choose a method of payment either by bank card or credit card.
3.After the payment is completed, the delivery will be arranged.
4.You will receive the product in about 15 -30 days.

About the delivery fee

The delivery cost will be borne by us.

Tariffs will be borne by us, customers do not bear any tariffs.

For storage at designated places and post offices to be taken.

If you contact us to pick it up at your designated "○○distribution point", we can arrange for it to be delivered there.

In addition, after the delivery of the product, we will share the tracking number of the express to the customer, so you can also directly contact "SAGAWA".

Notes on express receiving

Please be sure to confirm the goods carefully when the express arrives (we recommend taking a video of unpacking package as evidence). If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Express company