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Every man has a goddess in his heart


Or lovely, or pure, or sexy, or beautiful, or cute, or large breasts


Whatever it is, you can get all you want from Chika


Chika is your goddess.

It has both the soft and cute of the East and the fiery body of the West.


The beautiful face and impeccable sexy body designed meticulously make you fall in love at first sight!


Hold her in your arms. Store Manager recommendation - Chika

Package size 147 × 45 × 31 cm
Material TPE
Skeleton Advanced environmental stainless steel
Height 148cm
weight Bust size(MEDIUM) 25KG, Bust size(LARGE) 27KG
bust 67cm(medium style) 77cm(large style)
Waist 50cm
Hips 75cm
Vaginal Depth 18cm
Anal Depth 16cm

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