ELFDoll's Materials

Ⅰ、Certificates and product safety

The products of our company are imitation entity doll, not inflatable doll, the production material is TPE, there is a very authoritative certification, please rest assured to buy!

Ⅱ、What is TPE?

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is a kind of resin material with the common characteristics of rubber and plastic and superior to silicon.The sex doll market is now dominated by silicone dolls.TPE is cheaper, lighter, softer and more durable than regular silicone.At the same price, the performance of TPE is obviously better than that of silicon.

Ⅲ、Is silicon really good?

However, it is not.High-quality TPE is as expensive as silicon.To some extent, the price gap between the two is not large.

Elastomer is the generic name for all elastomer industrial materials.Color: white.Density: 1.61 g/cm. It's a composite word of "elastic" and "polymer".

Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) is an material that softens and shows fluidity when heated, and has rubber properties when cooled.This material contains styrene, polyvinyl chloride, carbamate, amide, etc.

Both TPE and silicon are elastomers.TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer, while Silicon is a thermosetting elastomer.The only difference is that the molecular structure of the former is SI02 and the latter is CC. Both are very stable materials.In addition to widely used in the field of adult products, as well as in the people's livelihood, food, medical, aerospace and other fields.

Ⅳ、Advantages of TPE:

①Low cost, light weight, soft texture.

The high cost performance of elf doll is not only because of the low cost of raw materials, but also because of the low complexity of TPE material processing process.Since TPE will soften when heated, it is easier to recycle (the sex doll must be kept away from high temperatures).Secondly, please be sure to understand that TPE is soft and easy to damage when dragging on the ground.

②With the safety of food grade

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) used widely in today's society, which has the rubber elasticity and can be processed into a variety of products is worrying its security. Elastomer resin with higher security than PVC is a material of non-toxic harmless may directly contact with the human oral.

③With high cost performance

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) have a huge advantage in price and is suitable to replace silicon used widely at present, it is the best choice for manufacturers aiming for high quality and low price.

The sex doll in our shop is basically oil-free, odor-free, soft and has realistic touching feeling excellent durability.