What is sex doll?

  Sex doll is a kind of adult products which refers to alternative female that made of materials such as TPE. You can use it to simulate sexual intercourse, viewing, photography, etc. Since there are relatively few sex products for women, here mainly explain sex dolls and related products for men

  The substitute dolls are divided into three types: inflatable doll, silicone doll, and TPE doll. Each has its own characteristics. The inflatable doll is easy to store. Although the silicone doll is not easy to dye, the experience is slightly worse. TPE doll has the soft skin that is closest to humans, also known as real doll or love doll. If you want to find the most realistic doll, come to our store.

  Sex doll is a scenery in the family which has the effect of relaxing body and mind and soothing fatigue.People are pursuing beautiful things, such as the beauty of flowers and plants, the beauty of mountains and rivers, and the beauty of the opposite sex. A lovely appearance can live up to the favor of those around you more than an ugly appearance. sex doll is not only a substitute doll, but a partner who can heal the soul

The character of the ELFDOLL

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